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From early beginnings in 2013 as a home delivery service, Hana Matsuri opened its premises in Meanwood, Leeds in August 2016.  My dream was to offer authentic Japanese food and a true Japanese dining experience in Leeds.  That dream evolved to the ‘Omakase’ fine dining experience.
Recent times have seen the opening of Sushi Nakamura in Leeds City Centre, the new home of our ‘Omakase’ fine dining experience.  I am grateful to those that have been able to visit and enjoy Sushi Nakamura already.
My dream remains the same, to offer quality Japanese food in an authentically Japanese environment.  The choice in Japanese cuisine is wide and varied, so much more than just sushi or ramen, and I want to share that.  
I am very pleased to announce the next evolution for Hana Matsuri as an Onigiri Izakaya.  Izakayas are great, independently owned neighbourhood restaurants, where you can have a beer and some tasty dishes whilst catching up with friends and family.  Onigiri is ubiquitous in Japan, almost a meal in itself and with handmade onigiri particularly seeing increasing innovation and popularity.
I hope that people will find visiting the new Hana Matsuri as enjoyable as they have found the Omakase experience.  I look forward to welcoming you to my little corners of Japan in Yorkshire and sharing my love of Japanese food and drink with you.  
Thank you, as always, for your continued support. 
Kaoru Nakamura
Owner and Chef, Sushi Nakamura and Hana Matsuri.

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